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Masihiyyat in Hadith

(Hadith of Jassasah, of Satan's stabbing all mankind except Jesus and his mother — Ibn Jarih)
If the Israeliyyat distorted the splendour of Islam through their fabricated falsities, the Masihiyyat too had a share of the misfortune that afflicted this religion. The first one undertaking the lead of these Masihiyyat was Tamim ibn Aws al-Dari, who was a Yemeni Christian. His abode with his tribe was in the Sham opposite to Palestine. He came to the Prophet (S) and embraced Islam after the Battle of Tabuk in the year 9H.

Abu Mu'aym says: He was the monk of his time people, and devout among the Palestinians. He was the first to tack the saddle, and the first to relate (tales). He kept the company of the Prophet (S) and took part in his battles. He stayed long in al-Madinah till shifting to the Sham after murder of Uthman.338 He died during the caliphate of Ali in 40 H.

He used to relate narrations and tales of Jassasah, dajjal (impostor), Iblis, death angel and heavens and fire, spreading these narrations everywhere, as done by his likes: Ka'b al-Ahbar and Wahb ibn Munabbih. No wonder to see Islam penetrated by the Masihiyyat after being invaded by the Israeliyyat, as it was blemished with different things from every religion and every creed. But it is out of scope here to elucidate all the blemishes foisted into Islam from other cults and creeds, as a full book is needed to cover them.


338. What is worth attention and pondering, the fact that all this Jew and Christian priests had moved, after murder of Uthmanj, to the Sham. This shift seems not to be for God's sake but with the aim of collaboration together to sow discord and sparkle fire of grudge among the Muslims, so as to make the Umayyad state flourish, and disperse the Muslims, with gaining the booties from the Umayyads, after that.

Adapted from: "Lights on the Muhammadan Sunnah" by: "Mahmud Ali Riyyah"

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