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Marifat (recognition)

From our writing you can ascertain the importance of the value of love, but one can only love that which he recognizes. This recognition is called marifat.

Description of Marifat (recognition)

The description of marifat is to recognize one with those attributes which are only associated to him and not with any other. W e will make you understand by this example. Suppose two people are standing. Both are wearing black dress. One is wearing white c ap and other is wearing a red cap. Both are wearing the same dress, but their caps are different. If you want to call one of them, you will have to call him through such an attribute which is not present in the other. If you say "Oh Mr. W earing Black Dress", both of them will look at you.

Because they both are wearing black dress, but if you say "Oh Mr. W earing White Cap", then only that person who is wearing a white cap will look at you, not the other. This is marifat. So if you want to gain the marifat of Hz Muhammad (saw), then you cannot gain His marifat through those attributes which are common to all Masoomeen (as). You will gain His marifat through the seal of prophecy because He is the only one that has this attribute. There is no seal other than Him.

Adopted from the book: "Kashaful Salat" by: "Seyyed Baqir Nisar Zaidi"

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