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Last Wll Testament; Meditation – thought

Always meditate and ponder so that your soul becomes active and your heart becomes pure. This cleanses the dirt of the heart and shatters worldly desires. You distance yourself from the world and start paying attention to the next world.

Meditation and thinking is best form of religious activity. It is the soul of prayers. To think and ponder about the marvelous creation of Allah is the best form of prayer. (Usul-e-kafi)

Elaborating on this Hadis (tradition), scholars have stated that ‘Prayer’ leads a man to ‘Sawab’ while thinking and meditating leads a man near to Allah. It is evident that Allah is more desirable than ‘Sawab’. Besides, prayer is the activity of the body while meditating and thinking is the activity of the heart.

And heart is the most important part of the body. Therefore, the Sawab of one second of meditation and pondering is more than the sawab of one year’s Ibadat. Some traditions say that it is more than 60-70 years Ibadat.

Meditation – pondering saves a man from the fire of hell. e.g. one minute of thinking by Hazrat Hoor bin Yazid-e-Riyahi, saved him from the fire of hell. Otherwise, if he had prayed all his life, it would not have earned him anything. Therefore, one minute of meditation is better than 70 years of Ibadat. It is said about this type of meditation and thought that the name of Namaz and Roza are not Ibadat. It is meditating and thinking about the qualities of Allah that is the name of Ibadat.

Son, have you ever thought of those people who have gone ahead of you? From where had they come and where have they gone? What did they take along with them and what did they leave behind? What were they doing? How they left all their business and went away. Those who did not put their feet on earth, resting on soft cushion, walking proudly erect on earth and now….

now they are sleeping on earth wearing shrouds, leaving behind all their wealth, children, farms, bungalows, etc. Their soft and delicate cheeks are smeared with mud. Insects, serpents and scorpions are crawling over their bodies. Now they have only a corner of the grave and loneliness.

(Nahjul Balagah)

Sometimes, think about death. It comes all of a sudden and does not give a moments’ respite. Be careful of every second. Always be ready for death. Don’t be lazy in asking for Allah’s forgiveness and doing good deeds. Never be complacent, many people have gone suddenly. They did not get time even to ask for Allah’s forgiveness. Beware, lest you may be one of those dejected and hopeless people. Lest you have to say ’O Allah, send me once again’.

Sometimes, think that this world is the house of calamities and miseries. Its cleanliness is mixed with dirt. Its rest and leisure is also mixed with sorrow. Here there is no complete rest or leisure. It is stated in ‘Hadis-e-Qudsi’: “These people seek relief in this world while we have not created relief and comfort in this world. And where we have created these things, they are not searching there.”

Son! When you think of all these things, your worldly troubles will become bearable and you will be attracted towards the hereafter. To bear worldly sufferings is the best deed for the hereafter.

Sometimes, think about the future. In front of you, there is grave, barzakh, hashr account of all your deeds, serat, mizan, paradise – hell.

Have you ever thought that after death, only that wealth which has been spent in the ways of Allah will be beneficial? Only shroud will come with you. All your friends, relatives, well wishers and children only know to put you in the grave. Only your deeds will be helpful to you. They will not get separated from you. If you will think of all these, then you will be able to do good deeds. This will lead to purity in intentions and before times passes, you will be careful about tomorrow.

It is stated in the traditions that the best thing that desists you from committing sin is the remembrance of death. Thinking about death is the best Ibadat and the best meditation is also thinking about death. (Mustadrakul Wasail )

Those who do not think about death, they waste their time in useless work. Those who remember death, death, spend their time in performing good deeds. Death is the best advisor.

Thinking about death softens the hardness of circumstances. It encourages a rich many to charity. It desists a man from doing useless work. Not only that, it eases the hardship. It attracts you towards the benefit of the hereafter and discourages you from having high hopes, leisure and doing unrewarding deeds.

Adopted from the book : "Wasiyatnama; Last Will Testament" by : "Sheykh Abdullah Mamkani"

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