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Khums on Profit

Q: One started a business with a khums-paid capital which provides him with monthly earnings. He owes money to people and people also owe him money. He, also, helps others financially without compensation and has no independent house. Is his monthly income subject to khums or not?
A: Concerning the profit he gains from the khums-paid capital, if, at the end of khums year, any amount of it remains untouched — after spending on necessary life expenditures, good deeds, alms, etc. — and is saved, khums should be paid on the saved amount. As to the money he owes people, if it is related to his business, he can subtract it from the profit. The case is the same with the loans he took from others and spent on life requirements of the same year. But, he is not allowed to subtract the loans received during the previous years. Regarding the money he lent to people, if they return it within the same year, he must settle its khums at the end of khums year; otherwise, he has to pay its khums whenever he receives it.

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