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Jesus Christ and his Descension

It is said that descension of Jesus (Messias) from the heaven being one of the signs of the Hour (Doomsday). It is reported in the two Sahihs and other books, that Abu Hurayrah said: The Messenger of Allah said: "By Whom in Whose hand is my life, the son of Mary is about to descend among you, as a just arbitrator. He will verily break the cross, kill the pig, impose the jizyah (tribute), slaughter the ape and accept nothing except Islam." They also said that he will not bring an independent statute (shari‘ah), and will receive the reins of government from al-Mahdi, with al-Mahdi being one of his companions and followers. And all the acts done by him will resemble the acts they stated to be done by al-Mahdi.

Place of his Descension:

Jesus will descend at the White Minaret east of Damascus, placing his palms on wings of two angels. When bowing his head, it will trickle, and when raising it pearls will glide down from it. His descension will take place after elapse of six hours of the day, and will sit on the pulpit, when the Muslims, Christians and Jews will enter the mosque. Then he will lead Muslims in (afternoon) prayers at Damascus Mosque. After that he with his followers will rise out looking for the Dajjal, when the earth be drawn together for him till he coming near the Bayt al-Maqdis, which he will find closed, being besieged by the Dajjal.

Length of His Term:

In a hadith related by Abu Hurayrah, that was recorded in the books of al-Tabarrani and Ibn Asakir, the Prophet (S) said: "Jesus will dwell among people for forty years." After that Muslims will bury him beside our Prophet (may God's peace and benediction be upon him and his Progeny). It is also reported by Ibn Umar through a chain going back to the Prophet, as saying: He (Jesus) will get married and give birth to two sons, one called Musa and the other Muhammad. He will live for forty-five years, and will die and be buried with me in my grave. Then I and Jesus will rise up from one grave (in the period) between Abu Bakr and Umar! It is said that he will dwell for seven years, and after murder of al-Dajjal he will betake himself to the Medina and visit the tomb of the Prophet (S), making pilgrimage to the Holy Sanctuary (Mecca), deceasing at the Medina! There are similar reports in this regard, that I abandoned due to their vanity.

The Suspicions Raised by Them:

They say There are authentic traditions asserting that descension of Jesus will be at dawn on the eastern Damascus Minaret.353 But how is it said that his descension will be after elapse of six hours of the daytime (at 6 afternoon)! Besides, it is commonly known among men of knowledge that Jesus will verily perform morning prayers behind al-Mahdi not afternoon prayers!


353. Why did they make the descension of Jesus upon the Umayyad Minaret of Damascus?

Adapted from: "Lights on the Muhammadan Sunnah" by: "Mahmud Ali Riyyah"

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