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Is Jesus coming back again?

Adopted from the book: "A Closer Look at Christianity" by: "Mohamed Qasem"

Yes. Jesus will have a second coming. Jews and Christians together will follow him and become Muslims.

The discussion of this topic is long. Therefore, I will leave it up to you to find out more about Jesus' second coming and the events associated with his arrival.

What is My Responsibility Now?

I remember once in my callow years when I did not pay attention to a call for help from a friend in the US. He asked me if I would give him a copy of the Holy Quran. When I asked why, he said something to this effect, "The Bible doesn't make sense to me. It's too mythical. I want to read the Quran and see if it's any different." I never gave him a copy of the Holy Quran. I was too busy being selfish! I was busy playing! Now, I sincerely regret my inaction, and hope I can someday reach him again.

I feel sorry because people like him are hard to find. It is very hard to find people who are self motivated to look for the truth. People who need very little direction in order to make serious decisions about their future. People who have an open mind!

And this is why I present these pages to you. I present them to you so you would seize the opportunity. After reading these few pages surrounding Jesus Christ (P.B.U.H.) you should take more steps to find the truth about the Bible and the Quran. I guarantee if you keep an open mind, and make some effort in searching for the truth, God will come to your aid and help you. I guarantee you will find Islam to be your choice for your "hereafter" investment.

People on a daily basis invest money and time towards their well being in this short life of seventy years or so. What about your infinite life that starts right after death? Are you willing to invest in it?

There you will find many people who are more than willing to help answer any of your questions and steer you in the right direction.

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