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Is it true that dark circles under my child's eyes could be a sign of allergies?

The BabyCenter Editorial Team

Yes. While dark bluish circles under the eyes can be hereditary, they can also have other causes, including allergies. In fact, they’re often referred to as "allergic shiners."

That's because when the nose is congested – which commonly happens with allergies – the surrounding veins become restricted, slowing the blood flow. As a result, the veins under the eyes can swell and look darker, particularly among people with light skin. Chronic sinus infections and colds – in fact, anything that causes nasal inflammation – can also cause these dark circles.

Other telltale signs of an allergy include dry, red, itchy skin; wheezing; coughing; red or watery eyes; sniffling; rubbing the nose; and sneezing. Learn more about allergies in children.

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