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Is it safe to be on my feet all day while I'm pregnant?

Raul Artal

As long as you walk around, being on your feet isn't a big problem, though it may be tiring. But standing in an almost motionless position the way a cashier would have to could create problems. Standing still for long periods tends to lower blood pressure, and being pregnant would probably make that worse. If your blood pressure drops, you can get light-headed and potentially even faint. You can counter the risk by taking occasional short walks.

Jeanne-Marie Guise

It's fine, though it does become more difficult as your pregnancy progresses. In general, walking is good for you during pregnancy; it reduces your chance of blood clots and keeps you in shape.

One thing that can help when you're standing for long periods is support hose. These provide compression so your legs feel better — and they help hold the blood in so it doesn't pool around your feet and make them puffy and swollen. Wearing a maternity belt can also help at the end of the second trimester and during the third; it supports the abdomen and helps redistribute some of the weight.

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