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Is it normal for my baby to frequently gag, choke, cough and sneeze?

My 4-week-old daughter frequently gags, chokes, coughs, sneezes, and wheezes. She's done this since she was born. While she was in the hospital, the nurses told me she was trying to get rid of the fluid in her lungs. She's still doing it. She never gets to the point where she turns blue, but she does it so often, it worries me. Why is she doing this?

Suzanne Dixon pediatrician

From what you've told me, it's difficult to tell what is going on exactly. New infants do bring up mucus in the first few days of life and a little bit thereafter. Babies do sneeze frequently to clear their noses, and a little sputtering is expected. Real wheezing is not normal.

Make an appointment with your pediatric healthcare provider for a complete checkup. If these events occur more after feeding, feed her in the office so your healthcare provider can observe the behaviors that concern you.

Your daughter may need additional studies to be sure that her breathing and swallowing are normal and that her lungs are clear. It's time for a weight check anyway, but be sure to identify that this visit is about some special concerns too, so that enough time is allotted to get these addressed correctly.

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