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Iranian Youth Day

Youth Day is celebrated in Iran on 11th Shaban (Hejri Ghamari) on the birthday of Hazrat e Alie Akbar (first son of Imam Hussein).

After Iran revolution in 1979 the Muslim government replace all the national days with religious events such as the birth days and death anniversaries of family members of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Since Hazrat Ali Akbar is the example of youth bravery in the event of Karbala. We Shia Muslim celebrate the occasion of his birth as a reminder, for all Muslim youth to be like him.  His bravery was like his grandfather Imam Ali (PBUH), his character and face resembles was like his great grand father Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

His handsome looks were matched by his handsome deeds. His nobility of character, his sense of duty, his generosity, his chivalry, his geniality, his love of justice and fair play had endeared him to every soul.

We Young Muslim should use these great personalities as our role model in our life.

I believe every Muslim is born with a light of Allah (SWT). Our Prophet and Imams are the absolute light of Allah(SWT). We are lucky that we can follow these great personalities to make us perfect in our worldly life and hereafter.These personalities are the light of  Allah the reflection of Allah’s light. I pray that we can use these personalities  as our role model and reach that closeness of Allah (SWT).

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