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Iranian Doogh can help diabetic patients

A research by Iranian scientists says the combination of vitamin D and the Iranian yogurt drink Doogh can improve the treatment of diabetes, Press TV reports.

The study published in the journal BioMed Central Medicine suggests that regular consumption of vitamin D-fortified yogurt drink 'Doogh' improves heart disease biomarkers in diabetic patients who are known to be prone to increased risk of the disease.

Researchers performed a 90-day research trial on two groups of 90 and 140 subjects with an age range of 30 to 65 years who had been diagnosed with type II diabetes.

Almost all the participants started to show improvement after receiving 500 units of Vitamin D, 250 milliliters of 'Doogh' and 250 milligrams of calcium formation.

The findings also indicate that the combination can give a boost to the immune system, bone and insulin production and thus prevent different types of cancers and diabetes.

Scientists are hopeful that the new findings could be used to develop a side method to treatment of diabetic patients.

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