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Interpretation of Surah al-Shams (The Sun) - Part 8

The first most cruel and the last most cruel

In fact is there any similarity between Qadaar bin Salif and Abdur rahman bin Muljim Muradi (the assassin of the Imam Ali (A.S))? Both of them were not involved in the personal and private hostility even though both of them wanted to extinguish the light of truth, destroy a miracle and the sign from the signs of the Benevolent God. Similarly after the event of punishment regarding the she-camel which encircled the wrong doing tribe of Samud, the Muslims too after the assassination of the infallible Ali (A.S) went under the rule of the tyrant and oppressing Umayyad rulers and witnessed the most painful chastisements.

The great divine duty is to polish the real self

As much as the vows of noble Qur’an on a subject are strong and forceful, it proves that the subject is very important. As we are aware that it has the most of the vows in a single surah of Qur’an that are empathic. Specifically the vows upon the Magnificent God are repeated three times. At last the matter stopped upon the subject that the wellbeing and salvation of man depends upon the polishing of the real self and the entire deprivations, disappointments and unhappiness depends upon leaving this practise by the people.

This subject is the most important matter of life too. In fact, the above term defined the topic. The man does not achieve the salvation in rolling in the imaginations and false intentions not even in the wealth and accumulation of riches and the high status and it does not depends upon the deeds of the others (as the Christians believe that the welfare of every person is under the pawn and guaranty of the Jesus Christ) or the personalities like him.

But it exists in the pawn of the purifying and uplifting the life and soul in the shadow of the faith and virtuous deeds. The ill-fate, disappointments and collapse of man does not depend upon his unavoidable luck and the predestined and compulsory fate or effect of the activities of this and that person but it only and only happens upon getting polluted in the filth of sins and diversion from the virtues path.

It is stated in the history that Zulekha the wife of the most honoured and powerful minister of Egypt, when Hazrat Yusuf (A.S) got the possession of the treasures of earth and became the ruler the kingdom of Egypt. She met him and told him: greed, lust and passions turned the kings into slaves. And patience and piety turned the slaves into kings. Hazrat Yusuf (A.S) approved her words and informed her divine phrase: The one who follows the piousness and patience, the Generous and Sublime God never waste the reward of the pious people.

Same sense are quoted and expressed in other words: the wife of the Egypt’s minister was sitting at the passer-by where the vehicle of Hazrat Yusuf (A. S) used to go by Zulekha said: Thanks to the Exalted God who made the kings, slaves for their sins and made the slaves, kings for their obedience.

Yea bondage of passions and greed causes slavery for the man. Piety and self-purification causes the ruler ship upon the kingdom of existence.

There are the people mostly for the reason of their servitude to the Majestic God reached a status and turned out to be the master the knowledge hereditarily and by the permission of Supreme God, they can influence the happenings of this world and bring into force their extraordinary greatness.

O Mighty God! Support us and be with us to fight the forces of passions and lust.

O the Provident God! By the inspiration you made me aware, what is evil and what is admirable character and bestow upon us the ability to get aware of that inspiration.

O Heavenly God! The plots of devil are mysteriously hidden in the inner self of man; make us well aware of his plots.

Ameen! O God the provider of the universe

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