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Interpretation of Sura Maryam (Mary) - Verse 47

47. " He said: 'Peace be upon you: I will ask my Lord to forgive you: for verily He is ever affectionate to me'."


The word /haqq/ is applied for the person who regards the complete goodness and benevolence unto another person; 28 and sometimes it is used in the sense of 'a scholar'.

In these verses, the spiritual conditions of a believer and those of a disbeliever are clearly seen in their disputes.

1. Abraham speaks affectionately, while his uncle speaks roughly. Abraham addresses his uncle four times with the phrase "O my father!" but his idolatrous uncle, even once, did not call him 'O my son'.

2. Abraham (a.s.) speaks reasonably, while 'A-zar speaks without reasonless. Abraham says: "Why do you worship that which neither hears nor sees…?", 29 but 'A-zar says "my gods" 30

3. Abraham (a.s.) speaks sympathetically, but 'A-zar answers with threat.

4. Abraham (a.s.) greets his uncle, but 'A-zar orders him to get distance with him by saying: "Be gone from me for a long time." 31

But, like all other divine prophets and leaders, Abraham controlled his nervousness and, in spite of 'A-zar's intensive harshness, he, with utmost magnanimity, said:

" He said: 'Peace be upon you: …"

This salutation may be for farewell, by which and together with some other words, Abraham left 'A-zar; or it may be a salutation which is said for the end of disputation.

Then Abraham added:

"… I will ask my Lord to forgive you: for verily He is ever affectionate to me'."

Abraham (a.s.) asked forgiveness for his idolatrous uncle for the sake that he probabled that 'A-zar would be guided, but, as soon as he became disappointed from his uncle's guidance, he repudiated him.


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Adopted from the book : "The Light of the Holy Qur'an; Interpretation of Surah Maryam" by : "Sayyid Kamal Faghih Imani and a Group of Muslim Scholars"

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