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Interpretation of Sura Cow - Verse 166

166." When would those that were followed disown those who followed and they would see the torment and their ties (between them) are cut asunder."


Beware who your leader is and whose love you carry in your heart! Those of you who love these tyrants and pay your affections to other than Allah, should know that they (the tyrants) want you for their own interests in this world. Therefore, they abuse your abilities and sincerity to obtain their own wishes, power and authority. But, on the Resurrection Day, they will avoid you and, hating you, will leave you alone.

This meaning should also be noted that in Tafsir-ul-Burhan and in the book ' Ikhtisas ', by Shaykh Mufid, there are some traditions cited about the meaning of the phrase: " when would those that were followed disown those who followed...". Among them, there is a tradition from Imam Baqir (a.s) who said: " By Allah, O' jabir, these are the leaders of transgressors and their means for injustice." 17

Therefore, in contrast with this group, as was referred in the previous verse, are the truly faithful ones, who bear the intensive love in their heart for Allah. They love not only the genuine leaders of the religion but also everything that Allah loves. The basic reason for this is that every thing they love is only for gaining Allah's pleasure. Even when they love their own family and issues, they love because it is their duty to do so as prescribed by Allah.


17. Tafsir-ul-Burhan, vol. 1, p. 172

Adapted from the book: "The Light of The Quran - Interpretation of Sura Al-Baqarah (The Cow)" by: "Sayyid Kamal Faghih Imani and A Group of Muslim Scholars"

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