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Interpretation of Sura al-Furqan - Verse 11

11. " But they deny the Hour (of Resurrection), and We have prepared a Blazing Fire for him who denies the Hour."


The Arabic word /sa'ir/ (blaze) means a burning and ablaze fire. The source of pagans' pretexts is often disbelief in the Hereafter.

To continue the Qur'anic discussion of pagans' deviation from monotheism and prophethood which was in the previous verses, this noble verse talks about another part of their deviations from the view of the issue of the resurrection. In fact, with the statement of this part, it gets clear that they were utterly shaky and deviated in all principles of religion, both monotheism, and prophethood, and resurrection. Two of them have been mentioned in the former verses and now we turn to the third one. The verse says:

"But they deny the Hour (of Resurrection),..."

By mentioning the Arabic word /bal/,the verse implies that what they say about monotheism and prophethood is just some pretexts that originate from denial of resurrection, because if one believes in such a great court and the divine reward and punishment, one neither boldly ridicules the truths nor rejects a prophet's call for illusive reasons, nor bows down before idols that he has made by himself.

But, here, the holy Qur'an has not given them any argumentative answers, for they were not men of reason and argument, but the Qur'an warns and threatens them severely and harshly and illustrates their gloomy and painful future for them. Sometimes this logic is more effective for such people. It continues saying:

"... and We have prepared a Blazing Fire for him who denies the Hour."

Adapted from the book: "Interpretation of Sura al-Furqan" by: "Sayyid Kamal Faghih Imani and A Group of Scholars"

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