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Interpretation of Sura al-Fatir - Verses 16-17

16.“If He pleases, He will take you off and bring a new generation,”

17. “And this is not hard to Allah.”


The statement of the power of Allah is a way for inviting people and threatening the disobedient ones. Allah is powerful in creation and His Power has no limit.

For laying an emphasis on this very need and indigence of men, this verse says:

“If He pleases, He will take you off and bring a new generation,”

Therefore, He is not in need of you and your worship, but it is you who are in need of Him.

He neither needs your worshipping nor is he afraid of your sins, and in the meantime, His vast mercy has encompassed all of you. Neither the destruction of the entire world decreases anything from His greatness, nor has the creation of this world added anything to the rank of His sovereignty.

In the second verse, the Qur’a-n, as a repeated emphasis, says:

“And this is not hard to Allah.”

Yes, whatever He intends He commands it to be, and immediately it also comes into being. Not only for the creation of Man, but also this statement is true about the whole world of existence.

However, if Allah (s.w.t.) commands you concerning Faith, obedience, and worship, all are for your own benefit, and the advantages and blessings of them all return to you.

Adopted from the book : "The Light of the Holy Qur'an; Interpretation of Surah al-Fatir" by : "Sayyid Kamal Faghih Imani and a Group of Muslim Scholars"

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