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Internal Problems and Obsticles

The external problems and impediments were not only obstacles faced by the Divine Call and the Prophets and their disciples, and which had to endure throughout the continuity of this noble course. The Divine cause, especially during the time of Muhammad (s.a.w.), faced internal problems, also. The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) and a group of his faithful companions, were able to overcome internal problems. The Islamic course contained those obstacles and uprooting them thanks to the wisdom, sagacity and loftiness of the personality of the leader, the holy Prophet (s.a.w.).

The Qur'an has recorded for us the internal problems of the Islamic group, pointing to its danger and guiding us as to the way of solving them and uprooting the negative impact they would have on the Muslim society, by way of wise methods. This concise study cannot treat this wide topic by discussing those problems and analyzing them. We can only present those which are most dangerous and most recurring in the domain of collective or individual missionary work. Perhaps this can portray the Qur'anic view to the missionaries and Islamic workers, who face collective problems or are active in propgation Organizations.

Adapted from: "The Methods Of Propagation and Missionary Work" by: "Sayyid Bahashti"

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