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Intensify Your Workouts

Many body weight exercises become too easy too quick. Your answer, add a weight vest to your workouts. The weight vest adds a new level of intensity to your workouts. You’ll still be able to be versatile within your workout, limitless in what you can do, and by simply adding some resistance; you change your training, as well as your fitness level.


My favorite weight vest is the Hyper Vest Pro, by Hyper Wear. You do not have to be a professional athlete or an elite runner; you just need to be a fitness enthusiast to enjoy the benefits of a top quality product. Whether you are lifting weights, running, or doing any type of cardiovascular fitness, this vest will change your workouts and help get you to the next level of your training.


The vest allows you to breathe. It fits snug and comfortably against your body. It’s easy to add and remove weight, and allows you to move seamlessly through your workout, without the issue of the vest flopping and bouncing all over the place. It’s functional, it’s real and gets you real results.


Benefits of training with a weight vest:



intensifies the workout

increases cardiovascular endurance

improves overall strength and health

challenges muscles to build mass

versatility – can be added to any type of training



Try out these body weight exercises with the Hyper Vest Pro or any other weight vest to kick up your workouts.


Single Leg Exercises - (2-way) SL squat (add different reaches)

Square Stance Exercises

- squat (hands forward or overhead)

- vertical jumps (w/stick landing or continuous)

- broad jumps (w/stick landing or continuous)

- tuck jumps

- burpees

- sumo walk


Split Stance Exercises

- walking lunges (opposite reach or same-side reach)

o add trunk twist at bottom of lunge

- reverse lunge

- forward/backward lunge (do with both legs)

- lunge matrix (lunge at different angles)

- split squat (hands to side or overhead)

- split squat jumps

Fitness Exercises

- shuffle/shuffle/sprint

- (3-way) shuttle

- power-skip/sprint

- carioca/sprint

- 300 yd shuttle run

- suicide runs

- sprints


Upper Body Exercises

- push-ups

- bridge or plank holds (front, side, butt, push-up bridge)

- superman

- bear crawls

- abs


Stay Active, Stay Fit!

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