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Infulencing Factors in an Individual's Conduct

Adopted from the book : "A Glance at the World of Youth" by : "Al-Balagh Foundation"

The human conduct, itself, forms a relatively objective unit, which is the outcome of different factors and activities, hence, the human behaviour, like mercy, honesty, justice, uttering good words, or telling lies, hypocracy, crime, murder, using drugs and practicing monopoly, are clear signs of how different factors are united in itself, thus, by it a symphathetic human being or a criminal one is made or a complicated one who suffers from a nervous and pychological disease. Indeed, the psychological studies and the researches of criminologists and pychologists have been able to present to us analyses and interpretations to the human behaviour and refers them to their original factors. These studies and researches discovered that the human conduct, being good or bad - is biult from diverse factors and causes social, hereditary and natural instincts...etc

It is beneficial to summarize these factors, so as to shed light on some circumstances epecially the pychological crises and complicated ones, and also the conditions of deviation and unnatural behaviours and manners which are clearly visible among the youths. The state of rebellion against the law, sexual deviation, crime, theft and aggressions, degradation of personality and wandering, taking alcohol and drugs, suicide and social vices; which usually turns to bodily diseases, can be attributed to the essential causes and stages that form the human personality.

But whatever the circumstances may be, we ought to understand that man is an existence which has desire and power of change and transformation, and the freedom to choose what is right, instead of deviation; that is why seeking forgiveness is decreed, as well as, enjoining good and prohibiting evil.

However, the main factors which contribute in the formation of individual conducts are:

a. The Family and the Circumstances of the First Upbringing
b. Genetic Composition
c. School Education
d. The Media and Its Affect on the Conduct of the Youths
e. Political Power and Authority
f. The Culture and Beliefs of the Youths

Later on, we will see the role of each of these factors, and their effect on the conduct of the youth in particular. This kind of enlightenment will give the youth vis-a-vis the condition of comtemplation and controversy, a forum of dispute and the stimulus of emotion and instinct, as well as, the impulses of conduct, before he attends to them, and takes any stance. How marvellous and superb is this guidance of the Holy Prophet, which says: "Should you set your mind on doing something think of its outcome. If it is good, go ahead, but if it is bad, refrain from doing it" 1

We must understand that among the most important factors behind the corruption in the conduct of the young generation is their unconscious drift toward the stimulus and personal interests, and their submission to the pressures of the sexual instinct and other behaviours which affect the personality of the youth; aware or unaware.

However, we can understand this brief explanation, scientifically, by considering the relationship between the intellect, consciousness and behaviours, as we can see it clearly in some reports and researches in this field, as well as, the record and statistics which show the spreading of crime, deviation and other irregular practices in a community covered by ignorance, intellectual and cultural retardation, disbelief in Allah, which is another result of human ignorance, and the misinterpretation of this world, thus, analyzing it negatively.

Notes :

1. Bihar-ul Anwar, vol. 71, page 342.

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