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In What Ways Have You Experienced the Benefits of Honey?

In what ways have you experienced the benefits of honey? Share your success stories, no matter how small or how short it might be, you never know, you could just help another find relief of a longstanding ailment ...

This page is dedicated to testimonies about the health benefits of the natural golden liquid, honey. It's been really interesting and enlightening to see how people from different cultures all over the world are using honey as a home remedy in different ways (eg. as an eye drop, healing of warts, burn ointment, allergies treatment, etc). If you, or a family member, or someone you know have benefited in one way or another in the use or consumption of honey, please share with Benefits of Honey and its readers. You can respond by filling up the form below and I will publish your account on this page. Your encounter may just motivate and inspire another person to discover the extraordinary healing power in more and more ordinary kitchen foods in our everyday life.

Personally, for me, this page is a total inspiration and a big testament to the powerful health benefits of honey. Everytime someone posts a story about the amazing healing power of honey, I tell myself, "We need to spread the message!" "Surely, more people have to know this miracle food!"

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