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Imprisonment and Torture

Among the methods adopted by the tyrants and enemies of guidance is imprisonment and torture, in order to obstruct the activities of the believers and stand in their way of spreading the principles to which they call the people to. The callers are imprisoned and various means of torture and terrorization are applied to them so as to wipe their activities out.

The tyrants and oppressive forces hostile to Islam, have indeed specialized in inventing different methods of mental and bodily torture. If a researcher will take the opportunity to undertake an investigative study on the believers suffering at the hands of the enemies of guidance, the arrogant tyrants, he would have been able to produce evidences of millions of them in prisons undergoing different methods of torture. This kind of treatment was meted to them, not because of any crime, but, as a result of an ideology they believe in, a true belief they embraced and a call to goodness to which they invited people to. How clearly the Holy Qur'an depicts this reality when it states that:

"They tormented (them) for naught but that they believe in Allah, the Ever-Prevalent, the Most Praised." Holy Qur'aan (Buruj 85: 8)

"O my people! how is it that I invite you unto slavation and you call me unto fire?" Holy Qur'an (Ghafir 40: 41)

The prison was one of the ways followed by the Quraish after the Prophet's patience and steadfastness wore them out. They planned to imprison or kill or exile him, so that they could isolate him from the society and bar the people from his speech and invita-tion. The Holy Qur'an, addressing the patient Prophet (s.a.w.), says:

"And when planned they against you, those who disbelieved, that they might imprison you, or slay you or drive you away…" Holy Qur'an (Anfal 8: 30)

Adapted from: "The Methods Of Propagation and Missionary Work" by: "Sayyid Bahashti"

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