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Ifraad Hajj Procedure


122. The second type of Hajj is the Ifraad Hajj, and the procedure for it is as follows:
An adult declares and assumes ihraam from a miqaat, or from his house if it was closer to Makkah than the miqaat.
He should then go to Arafaat directly and observe the woquf from the midday of the 9th day of Dhil-Hejjah until sunset.
After sunset he should head towards Mashar al-Haraam and observe woquf during the period between Fajr and sunrise.
After sunrise of the 10th day the day of Eid he should go to Mina to perform its rituals; which are Ram'y, the stoning, of the Jamaraat (the obelisks) and then Halq or taqseer i.e. Shaving or trimming. No sacrifice is required.
He should then go to Makkah on that day, or later, to perform the Hajj Tawaaf around the Kabah seven times, then perform the two-rakah prayers of the tawaaf by the Maqaam or behind it.
He should then proceed to perform the say between Safa and Marwah seven times,
Followed by Tawaaf an-Nisa and its prayers.
He should then perform the remaining rituals of Mina, the mabeet and Ram'y, which complete the Hajj.
After this, he would also have to perform the Mufradah Umrah, where he should declare and assume ihraam from "adnal-hill".[13] He may perform this Umrah throughout the year, although as a precaution, he should do so as soon as possible.
123. If the Ifraad Hajj was a mostahab one, or was due to a vow to perform an Ifraad Hajj only without an Umrah, it is sufficient for him to perform the Hajj only, and he is not required to Mufradah Umrah.
124. The conditions for the validity of the Ifraad Hajj are three:
a) the declaration of the niyyah or intention at the time of the ihraam,
b) that it is performed during the months of Hajj,
c) to declare and assume the ihraam from the miqaat or from his house.
125. If one declares and assumes the ihraam with the intention of performing a mostahab Ifraad Hajj, it would not be valid for him to change his intention to perform the Mufradah Umrah in order to perform the Tamattu Hajj on behalf of someone else.

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