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Ideas for Unique Vintage Flower Planters

Container plants and flowers do not have to be placed in plastic pots and other regular planters that are commonly found in stores. They are not cheap, and they do nothing to add to add interest or beauty of the contents therein. It takes a combination of unique planters and well placed flowers and foliage to create a growing and ever changing work of living art. Vintage containers are ideal. They beautifully mingle the past with fresh new growth, and they take on a second life by serving a valuable purpose. Use these ideas for unique vintage flower planters, and forget about plastic pots and other boring containers that are likely to crack or fall apart. The most beautiful yards include creative additions that absolutely no one else has.

Use Vintage Enamel Buckets as Flower Planters

Vintage enamel buckets are practical works of art. What was once used for household tasks makes lovely outdoor decor. As the first photo shows, use an enamel bucket as a unique vintage flower planter. Place a layer of gravel in the bottom to provide adequate drainage, and cover the gravel with rich organic soil. Add a single geranium or a few colorful petunias. Include vinca vines if you want something that gracefully spills over the side. Enamel buckets make great planters for a porch, deck or patio.

Make Use of a Defunct Ringer Washer

Old ringer washers have vintage charm, and they are worth saving for practical and decorative outdoor use. If you already have one or can find one for a reasonable price, turn it into a large vintage planter. Fill the wash basin with a layer of gravel for drainage, and add plenty of rich organic soil. Add flowers and foliage of your choice, and decorate around it with ornamental grass or other tall growing plants. Your vintage planter does not have to look like an old washing machine with plants growing inside. It can look like a creative and stylish part of the landscape.

Use Vintage Metal Water Cans to Hold Flowers and Foliage

Some of the most beautiful vintage planters are made from items that were once used to provide sustenance to live growth. Old metal water cans are available in many styles, sizes and colors, and they make fantastic planters. As the third photo shows, watering cans are ideal planters for windowsills and porch rails. They add vintage charm and welcoming appeal, no matter what they hold. Consider adding low growing flowers and foliage of your choice. The options are as limitless as the number of floral combinations that can be used to decorate your outdoor living area.

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