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How was Jesus born?

Adopted from the book: "A Closer Look at Christianity" by: "Mohamed Qasem"

The following verses from the Chapter 19 (Mariam) narrate the story of the birth of Jesus Christ the prophet who was born without a father:

And relate the story of Mary as mentioned in the Book, when she withdrew from her people to an eastern place; [16] And screened herself off from them. Then WE sent OUR angel to her and he appeared to her in the form of a well proportioned man. [17] She said, "I seek refuge with the Gracious God from thee if indeed thou dost fear HIM." [18] The angel said, "I am only a messenger of thy Lord, that I may give thee glad tidings of a righteous son." [19] She said, "How can I have a son when no man has touched me, neither have I been unchaste?" [20] The angel said, "Thus it shall be." But says thy Lord, "It is easy for ME; and WE shall do so that WE may make him a Sign unto men, and a mercy from US, and it is a thing decreed." [21]

So she conceived him, and withdrew with him to a remote place. [22] And the pains of child-birth drove her unto the trunk of a palm-tree. She said, "O, would that I had died before this and had become a thing quite forgotten!" [23] Then the angel called her from beneath her, saying, "Grieve not. Thy Lord has placed a rivulet below thee; [24] "And shake towards thyself the trunk of the palm-tree; it will drop upon thee fresh ripe dates; [25] "So, eat and drink and cool thine eye. And if thou seest any man, say, I have vowed a fast to the Gracious God; I will, therefore, not speak this day to any human being.'" [26]

Then she brought him to her people, mounted. They said, "O Mary, surely, thou hast committed a monstrous thing! [27] "O sister of Aaron, thy father was not a wicked man, nor was thy mother an unchaste woman!" [28] Thereupon she pointed to him. They said, "How can we talk to one who is a child in the cradle?" [29] Jesus said, "I am a servant of ALLAH. HE has given me the Book, and has made me a Prophet; [30] And HE has made me blessed wheresoever I may be, and has enjoined upon me Prayer and almsgiving so long as I live; [31] And HE has made me dutiful towards my mother, and has not made me arrogant and graceless; [32] And peace was on me the day I was born, and peace will be on me the day I shall die, and the day I shall be raised up to life again." [33] That was Jesus, son of Mary. This is a statement of the truth concerning which they entertain doubt. [34]

This was the story behind Jesus' birth. Two of the most magnificent miracles were connected to his birth: the first was the birth to a chaste mother, and without the need for a father. This miracle shows that God has the ability to do anything He wishes. God says after the above verse, "It does not befit the Majesty of ALLAH to take unto Himself a son. Holy is HE. When HE decrees a thing, HE says to it, Be,' and it comes into being.'" (Ch 19, Vr 35). The idea of Sonship is ambiguous. What does it mean for God to have a son when everything in this world is His creation, and a mere command of His?

The other miracle was that Jesus spoke when he was in the cradle. God gave him the ability to talk to people to fend off any accusations made to his virtuous mother, and to notify the world that he was a prophet of God. That was Jesus. He was sent to tell people about the true God. The One and only One God of this universe. It was people who then changed this idea, and took Jesus as the Son of God. The Quran relates, "said Jesus, Surely, ALLAH is my Lord and your Lord, so worship HIM alone, this is the right path.'" (Ch 19: Vr 36).

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