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How to organize a small kitchen

Whether you live in an apartment or a home, knowing how to organize a small kitchen can be a huge space saver, especially if you enjoy cooking or spending time in the kitchen. Many times, apartments in urban areas have small and narrow galley style kitchens that can be a pain to organize and inefficient to use. Older homes with outdated kitchens can sometimes be small, with limited counter and cabinet space. Maximizing space in your kitchen can be difficult, but there are some simple tips to help clear out the clutter.

Only keep what you use

Do a serious and realistic inventory of the kitchen equipment and supplies that you actually use on a regular basis. If you only use one cast iron skillet but have several, put the others in storage or donate them. If you use your Kitchenaid mixer only a few times throughout the year, store it in a guest room closet instead of it taking up valuable space in your kitchen cabinets. A good rule of thumb is if you haven't used the item in a year, you don't need it and won't miss it. Have a garage sale, sell things on the Internet or donate to a good cause -- you'll be glad you did and will enjoy all the extra space.

Get creative

If you have beautiful serving plates but don't use them too often, think about taking them out of the cabinets and hanging them on the wall instead. Remove your cooking utensils from the container by the sink, and hang them on hooks on the wall to save additional counter space. While you're hanging, invest in a pot rack and hang your pots instead of shoving them into a small cabinet. Bottom line, showcasing items that are beautiful on a wall or ceiling can add a hint of design to your space, and can open up more storage for you to use.

Keep the counters clear

Small kitchens can look cluttered quickly and cluttered kitchens look even smaller than they really are. Keeping your counters neat and tidy can give the illusion that you have more space. If you use your juicer every day, consider taking it off the counter and putting it in an easy-to-reach cabinet instead. Pull it out each morning, plug it in, make your juice, and then put it away. Keeping a cutting board or spoon rest on the counter can add a pop of color without adding more clutter or congestion.

Start With A Professional

Finding a professional home organizer can be a crucial part of organizing your kitchen. A pro can help you look objectively at your space, and provide additional tips and tricks for boosting space and organization.

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