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How to Make a Watermelon Vase

Watermelons are not only delicious to enjoy, they also can be transformed into a centerpiece to adorn your table. It will be the talk of the party, as others wonder, 'how did you do that'. Use the watermelon fruit to create many and varied watermelon recipes, as well as adding to a fresh fruit bowl, that is both healthy and refreshing. Great for outdoor parties as well as indoors.

1. Use a round watermelon, slice ¼ inch off the stem end to provide a stable base.

2. Determine the desired height of your vase and, using a pencil, draw a line all the way around the watermelon. Cut off the top with a large slicing knife.

3. Use an apple corer to make scalloped edge cuts around the top rim.

4. Utilize the trimmings from the top piece to cut thin slices of white rind about 1/4" thick. Use these slices to cut out shapes with cookie cutters to decorate the vase. Attach decorative shapes with small pieces of sturdy toothpicks.

5. Insert flower stems directly into watermelon flesh to arrange.

6. Finished.

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