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How to know your baby is getting enough milk

Many babies, but not all, lose a small amount of weight in the first days after birth. Your baby’s doctor will check his or her weight at your first visit after you leave the hospital. Make sure to visit your baby’s doctor within three to five days after birth and then again at two to three weeks of age for check-ups.

You can tell if your baby is getting plenty of milk if he or she is mostly content and gaining weight steadily after the first week of age. From birth to three months, typical weight gain is two-thirds to one ounce each day.

Other signs that your baby is getting plenty of milk:

  • He or she is passing enough clear or pale yellow urine, and it’s not deep yellow or orange (see the chart below).
  • He or she has enough bowel movements (see the chart below).
  • He or she switches between short sleeping periods and wakeful, alert periods.
  • He or she is satisfied and content after feedings.
  • Your breasts feel softer after you feed your baby.

Talk to your baby’s doctor if you are worried that your baby is not eating enough.

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