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How To Grow Cilantro In A Pot

Coriandum sativum is the biological name for cilantro. Popularly known as coriander, this herb has its leaves known as cilantro. Coriander is native to southern Africa, North Africa and southwest Asia. The herb is widely used in most of the parts of the world. Its leaves are mostly used fresh, to add flavor to a diverse range of cuisines. Coriander features in Spanish, Middle Eastern, Indian, Oriental and South American cookery. It is also a household name in the Indian subcontinent. Commonly used for the purpose of garnishing, cilantro is often sprinkled on cooked dishes, minced or puréed in sauces, soups and curries, just like parsley. The root of this plant is used to flavor meats, curries and soups in Thailand. Cilantro is also known for its medicinal properties, such as aiding the digestive system. It is known to stimulate the appetite and help in secretion of gastric juices. A lot of people grow cilantro at home, using large-sized pots. Want to try it out? If yes, then read on and know how to grow cilantro in a pot.

Growing Cilantro In A Pot
  • For growing cilantro, you will require a pot that is 20 - 28 inches wide and about 10 inches deep. The size factor of the pot is crucial for ensuring healthy growth of the herb. A good drainage system in the pot is also essential.
  • Fill good potting soil in the container, with fertilizer already added in the soil. Moisten the soil before you sow the cilantro seeds.
  • The fine cilantro seeds are to be sprinkled over the top layer of the soil in the pot. You have to ensure that the top layer of the soil is spread properly and the cilantro seeds are covered lightly with the soil.
  • The seeds germinate in about 2 weeks, as long as the temperature of the soil is around 60 degrees F. Place the pot in bright sunlight for 7-8 days. This will help the seeds germinate fast.
  • When the plant reaches 4-5 inches in height, you need to cut a few inches apart. Lots of water is also required to maintain a normal growth process of the cilantro.
Important Tips
  • Cilantro needs a moderate temperature to grow. Extreme cold or very high temperatures can hinder its growth. The ideal time to grow cilantro is mild summers and in tropical climates. It requires a cool and dry atmosphere to grow properly.
  • Cilantro is one of the plants that are vulnerable to transplantation. Therefore, it is advisable to plant cilantro directly where you want it to grow.
  • Planting cilantro in rows is a better idea, if you are growing it for the leaves. However, you can even spread the seeds over the soil, if there are a lot of them.
  • Small seed pots are to be avoided for growing cilantro, as its taproots extend long and beyond. Small pots can put undue stress on the seeds, hindering their growth.

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