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How to Get Rid of Mayonnaise Stains

Mayonnaise is a delicious (and mostly fat-filled) condiment that you can add on to almost any dish you make. It’s mainly known for being a popular and tasty addition to sandwiches or as part of dressings. However, getting mayonnaise on one of your precious carpets or favorite outfits can be a nightmare. Because mayonnaise is loaded with oils and fats, removing the stain can be difficult, but not impossibe. Follow these stain removal steps depending on the material it leaves a stain on.”¨”¨

How to get rid of Mayonnaise Stains from wool, synthetic carpet, silk or fiberglass

ӬTake a dull tool, like a plastic spatula or plastic putty knife, and gently scrape any excess mayonnaise that has deposited on the material. Next, take a wet sponge and rub the stain outwards from the center of the stain with any dry cleaning liquid that you may have. Then, take a dry spotter and put it on to the stain and cover with another sponge or cotton pad that is moistened with dry spotter. Keep it until you see the stains have just about completely dissipated. If the pad absorbs a lot of stain, change it. Ensure that both the stain and pad are moist at all times. When the pad stops absorbing any stain, use a dry cleaning liquid to remove any residues that could have been deposited as a result of the stain removers.

Finally, keep it out for drying. However, if the stain is still present, use a product called an enzyme pre-soak. Follow the directions that will be given on the product label. After you use it, cover the stain with a cotton pad that is filled with the solution and squeeze it until it dries. Leave it untouched for 30 minutes, and make sure you add just enough solution to keep the stained area moist and warm, but not too much to avoid it from spreading all over. Thoroughly wash with water and finally put out to dry. For carpets, take a new dry pad and cover the stained area and apply pressure on it. When the liquid is no longer being absorbed, lay it out for air drying.

Get rid of Mayonnaise Stains from Cotton, Linen, Nylon, PolyesterӬӬ

Again, with a dull tool, try to scrape of the excess mayonnaise as much as possible. Take a wet spotter and use it on the affected area. Wash the cloth thoroughly with water and then launder. If you have to wait for a long time before you launder and in case some stain is still present, take an enzyme pre-soak product, mix it with water and use this paste as indicated in the product label. Let the paste do its job for some time and ensure the area is moist while doing so. Finally, wash the cloth thoroughly to remove any kind of possible stain and paste that you applied. Then put out to dry and launder it as you would any other piece of clothing or fabric.

Removing Mayonnaise Stains from Leather

ӬӬMake a solution consisting of any dull soap and lukewarm water. Keep turning and swishing the water to create a lot of foam or suds. Take a sponge and absorb only the foam. Use the sponge on the affected area. Thoroughly wipe the area and dry it with a clean cloth. Finally, apply any leather cleaning care products to apply the finishing touches.

How to get rid of Mayonnaise Stains from WoodӬӬ

Take a cloth, dip it in lukewarm soapy water and wipe the affected area. Then, take another clean cloth, wet it and rinse the wood surface. Finally, wipe the surface dry and apply any wood polish or wax as indicated on the product label.ӬӬIf you follow these simple steps of stain removal, your mayonnaise stain nightmare is over!

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