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How to Be a Plant Doctor

Worried because the sun or heat is killing your precious plants? If you're new to gardening, then you might think there is no way to heal your plants. Well, lucky for you, you have come to the right page. Here are the steps to heal your plants.

1. Put your wilting plant in the shade, in a shady place like under a tree or under a chair with no holes.

2. Gently straighten out your plant by holding the stems at the bottom and gently, but tight enough slide your hand up and again until you see some improvements.

3. If this does not work, fill three small sandwich bags with ice. Put the ice bags around the plant on the surface of the soil and wait patiently. If you see some stems higher than before, then this is working.

4. If your plant has recovered, keep it in the shade with the ice bags.

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