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How to Arrange Six Flower Buds

Why go through all the trouble and expense to find a florist, when you can do the flower arrangement yourself? Here are some tips to help you.

1. View the diagram and see the different placement of the flowers (each circle represents a place for a flower bud).

- Spaces to arrange flowers

2. Choose the stem that best fits the top space. It should be a long stem.

3. Place medium stems in the middle. There should be three medium sized stems in the middle. Choose these and organize them to fit.

4. Pick the lowest two flowers. The last two buds should be placed on the bottom row.

5. Decorate the arrangement. Now you can take the ribbon and wrap it around the bottom; or you can tie a bow with the ribbon.

6. Add a card that you've made yourself if you'd like. Even a simple shape cut out of plain colored card paper, such as a heart or a circle, is very effective.

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