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How pregnancy will affect your sleep?

Pregnancy, thy name is exhaustion — especially during your first trimester, when the sleep-inducing hormone progesterone starts surging through your body, and pressure on your bladder from your growing uterus sends you scurrying to the bathroom countless times every night. During your second trimester, a good night's sleep is likely to return, and with it, a welcome energy boost. Enjoy it; during your third trimester, the quality of your sleep may reach an all-time low.

To find out what kind of sleep you can expect — and why — for the next nine months, read on. Click here to learn how to cope with common sleep disturbances during pregnancy. And see what BabyCenter sleep expert Jodi Mindell says about how you can plan ahead now to help your baby sleep better later on.

• First-trimester sleep: Three disturbances you can count on
• Second-trimester sleep: Enjoy it while you can
• Third-trimester sleep: A distant memory

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