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How Does the Qur’an Describe Religious Scholastic Role?

The main or crucial description of religion is that it has become a matter of expert study, just like other human knowledge and science. The Qur’an has emphasised the need for dedicated individuals who would seek knowledge and devote many years of their lives both to study it and equip their minds with saturated Divine teachings that their souls would be able to diligently absorb.

Qur’an states: ‘Nor should the Believers, All go forth together: If a contingent. From every expedition. Remained behind, They could devote themselves, to studies in religion, And admonish the people, When they return to them, That thus they (may learn), to guard themselves (against evil).’ Qur’an, C. 9: V. 122.

Additionally, seeking knowledge or what was prescribed in the Qur’an as: ‘Tafaquh Fid Din’ is not meant to be a matter of aristocratic pleasure to argue and discuss with ignorant individuals, but rather to be used as a tool through which one should seek and aspire to guide the servant of Almighty (swt) to the Right Path, as it is perceived from the last phrase of the above mentioned Qur’anic verse.

In other narrations we read the following: ‘Imam al-baqir (AS), with regards to the Quranic verse: “Except the ones who are deemed weak...”, said, This refers to one who is not capable of disbelieving that he may be considered a disbeliever, though neither has he been guided on the path of faith that he has faith. [It also refers to] children, and those people from among men and women who have intellects of children and who are therefore not accountable for their deeds.

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