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How do we know Allah (SWT) is satisfied with us?

Answering the question Sheikh Ansarian said the same question was asked from Imam Baqir (A.S) and Imam explained by saying that “refer to your heart and see if you like the friends of Allah? If you do, surely the Almighty also likes you”‌. [1] Sheikh Ansarian added that the friendship of Allah (SWT) can be realised in two ways. One is that what are the signs of Allah’s love to created beings in general and the other what are the signs towards an obedient servant of the Almighty?

In the first instance there are many signs indicating the love of the Creator towards the created beings such as spiritual feelings. The truth is if we do not like someone we do not go to see them, phone them, write to them or invite them to our house. The holy Qur’an, this great letter of Allah has been sent to humans inviting them to worship specially do SALAAT and FASTING in certain times. Are these not signs of love from Allah? Who is closer to us than veins in our necks and is placed between our hearts and beings. As the great Iranian Poet Sa’adi said “the friend is closer to me than myself but strange that I am far from the friend”‌.

Sheikh Ansarian pointed to Dua'a Abu Hamza where Imam Sadjad (A.S) said, “thanks to Allah (SWT) whom whenever I wished, asked for my needs. Thanks to Allah who is kind to me without needing anything from me”‌. For the second situation the best way to see the signs, are to refer to our hearts and find out if we love Allah, love Allah’s friends, love praying and love all the things chosen for us by the Almighty? Obviously Allah will be satisfied by our prayers and good deeds such as SALAT, FASTING, RESPECT FOR PARENTS, etc. and will be dissatisfied by those forbidden acts.
Sheikh Ansarian referred to a narration from Imam Baqir (A.S) where he said “Allah has covered three things in three others. Firstly satisfaction in obedience, so do not count any good deeds as small. Secondly anger in sins, so do not count any sins as small and thirdly Allah’s friends are hidden amongst people, so do not belittle anyone. [2] Therefore when someone does a good deed with pure and holy intention for the sake of Allah’s satisfaction is certainly on a right path but when an individual commits an inappropriate act, moves away from the right path.

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