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How can we protect babies from SUDI?

All babies, all places, every sleep

All babies need protecting from SUDI, in all the places they may sleep, and every time they sleep.
Safe sleep = face up + face clear + smokefree

Sudden unexpected death is extremely rare for babies protected by this safety formula.

Face up

Your baby was designed to sleep face up (on their back). Their drive to breath works best in this position and their airway is also safer. A built-in alarm reminds them to breath, and strong gag and swallow reflexes protect their airway if they spill.

Face clear

Your baby was designed to sleep with a clear face. This helps them breathe freely and not get too hot. Your baby may fall asleep with their face clear, but will it stay clear? This will depend on how they lie, where they sleep, and how you make it safe.

Smoke free

Your baby was designed to grow and develop smokefree. All smoking harms babies, especially in pregnancy. Smoking takes oxygen and weakens vital systems (such as breathing) as babies develop. When born, such babies need extra protection.

Other ways to protect your baby from SUDI

Your baby was also designed:

- to need you close by (in the same room as you when you sleep)

- to be breastfed (this strengthens their drive to breathe)

- to be handled gently (to protect their brain) (see Preventing shaken baby syndrome on this website)

This is essential care for all babies.

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