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How can we participate in reviving the name of the great Eid of Allah?

Translated by : Manizheh Soleymani Fard

Everyone according to his ability and his style can be diligent in reviving the great Eid of the Khilafat and Wilayat and be himself a missionary in this field. We cite some examples as follow:
Fathers can:
1. By buying sweets, new clothes or small gifts for his wife and his children.
2. By increasing his children’s pocket money on Eid Ghadir leave good memory of this day in their mind.
3.  By asking his children to collect Ahadith about Ghadir khome and read them for family.
4. By speaking about the events of Ghadir khome for his family.
Mothers can:
1.By defining the event of Ghadir khome for their children.
2. By dressing their children in their best clothes add luster to the name of the Ghadir.
3.By cooking children’s favorite foods and forgiving their mistakes keep sweets memories of the Eid Ghadir in their mind alive.
4. By reciting some parts of the sermon of the Ghadir khome for family every day.
Grandparents can:
1. By telling the story of the Ghadir khome’s events for their grandchildren.
2. By giving gifts to their grandchildren
3. By giving special party to their family and making them happy and delighted.
4.By giving the sermon of Ghadir khome as a gift to their family keep the message of this Luminous Eid alive.
Teachers can:
1.By holding related competitions to Ghdir khome like decoration competition between students of different classes.
2. By dedicating some time of class to discuss about the event of Ghadir khome
3. By asking students to write research papers about Ghadir try to increase their knowledge about this day of the message and willayat.
4.  By holding celebration at schools with student’s help.
Students can:
1.By decorating their classes.
2. By giving chocolate and sweets in the class.
3.  By preparing and reading poems about Ghadir khome.
Shopkeepers can:
1. By decorating their shop windows and pavements
2.  Entertain their customers to sweets and chocolate.
And finally everyone can:
1. By celebrating in his won home, in the mosque or in the streets and giving flowers, sweets, chocolate, gifts and related books and CD to Ghadir, … to relatives, friends, neighbors, prayers in the mosque, …
2. By visiting relatives specially seyyed relatives or friends in their home.
3. By visiting patients in hospital make their gloomy heart glad and delighted.
4. By writing articles, poems and designing crosswords about Ghadir in the magazines, newspapers, website, weblogs, …
5. By sending related messages to Ghadir and congratulating one another for Allah’  favor as He has given you the good tidings of a reward many times greater than previous or future Eids, except an Eid like it [when Eid falls on a Friday].”‌
6. By helping and feeding poor and weak people participate them in the sweetness of The Eid of the Heavens.
And following the Holy Propthe’s command what will you do to convey the wilayat Ameerul Momenin (A.S) message in the great Eid of Allah this year?

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