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How can I Make my Things Smaller?

How can I make my upper and inner thighs thinner?
- Jasmine*

It's impossible to lose weight in just one specific area of the body, even if you do have one of those springy exercise things. When you lose weight, you lose it all over your body, not just in your butt or your chest, or even your thighs. The best plan of attack for shaping up your thighs is through a balanced combination of exercise and healthy eating.

Although you can't lose weight in just your thighs, you can incorporate exercises into your workout that will specifically target your thighs and help to tone them. Try simple exercises like lunges (both forward and side lunges), squats, and leg lifts.

Gyms and sports clubs have resistance machines that can help you tone up specific areas, like your upper and inner thighs. If you're not sure about proper technique for these exercises, check online or with a trainer to make sure that you are doing them correctly.

If you're feeling especially energetic, try an exciting activity like bike riding or inline skating that not only works the legs, but also gives a great cardio workout as well.

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