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Hijab and Related Questions - Part 2

By Mahboubeh Gandom Abaadi (A Seminary Graduate and Lecturer)

Those who are against hijab raise the following questions and problems:

What is the rational reason for wearing hijab?

Martyr Motahhari states: “In my opinion, origins of the privacy and separation between men and women should not be found in the desire for austerity, men’s desire to exploit women, men’s jealousy or the lack of social security for women. Generally, it is a matter of woman’s sexual morality roots such as modesty and chastity; the desire to cover herself against men. In this regard, some ideas are proposed, and the most detailed one is that modesty, chastity and covering are seen as an inspired insight that women have used in the course of history in order to maintain their preciousness and position against men. By their own innate intelligence and their special sense, women have found out that they are not physically equal to men. They also know that if they want to struggle against men, they cannot overcome them. On the other hand, they clearly know man’ weak point, i.e. the desire within his nature, that is, he is a manifestation of love and desire and women are symbol of being loved and desired. When woman maintained her position and status against man and found out her weak points, she did know that she was to keep herself away from men and that she mustn’t be easily available so that she could more and more inflame the fire of man’s love and desire.”?[1]


[1] Motahhari, Morteza, 1996. Hijab. Sadra Publishing Center , 43th Edition, P. 28

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