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Heavenly Women and Houries

Since the greatest physical bounty in paradise are houries the Holy Quran makes a mention of them on various occasions. The houri is called a houri because it denotes a female having a fair body and Ten' means a large-eyed lady. As both these specialities are found in houries they are called Hourul Een. It also may be so because the whiteness in their eyes will be extremely white and the blackness extremely black and it will make them highly attractive. The reason of naming them Houries can also be that eyes will become hairaan' (spellbound) by looking at them.

Almighty Allah says :

And Hoorun Eenun (pure, beautiful ones),
The like of the hidden pearls: (56:22-23)

Meaning: The Houries will be like pearls hidden in shells. There will be no dust on them. Neither any man nor jinn will have touched them.

The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) is reported to have said that, in paradise, light would flash. The people of paradise will exclaim, "What radiance is this?" A voice will ring, "A Hourie has just smiled to her husband. This light spread from her teeth."

The Lord Almighty also said :

Surely We have made them to grow into a (new) growth,
Then We have made them virgins, (56:35-36)

Meaning: We have created these Houries with Our perfect might (without parents) and We have made them ever youthful. The Houries would love their husbands. They will be sweet- voiced having pleasing gestures. All of them will be 16 years old. So men in the paradise will be of 33 years of age.

Almighty Allah says :

In them shall be those who restrained their eyes; before them neither man nor jinni shall have touched them. (55:56)

Meaning : There are Houries in heavenly gardens who keep their eyes lowered except before their husbands. They have not been touched by anyone from men or jinn except by their husbands. All of them will be as if carved in Ruby and Pearls.

As though they were rubies and pearls. (55:58)

It is reported that despite wearing seventy robes the inner part of the calf of the Houries will be visible as a white lining is visible from behind a Ruby.

Adapted from the book: "The Hereafter (Ma'aad)" by: "Ayatullah Dastghaib Shiraazi"

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