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Hearing the Voice of a Non-Mahram Woman

Another issue is that of hearing the voice of a non mahram woman. Is this forbidden or not? This is clear from the edicts that it is not forbidden as long as it is not for lust or in fear of deviating. There is no problem between a blind person who is hearing another. However, there is, caution, where it does not concern one, he should avoid it. But it is forbidden for a woman to make her voice very pleasant and attractive so as to cause confusion in a man whereby a man who has a sickness in his heart hears her voice, and gets attracted to it through lust.1

This is among the things which are very clear. it is permissible to hear the voice of a non-mahram woman as long as her voice is normal and not one to cause lust or arouse the fear of deviating.
The verse of the Holy Quran is clear. It does not say women shouldnot speak. No. It says they should not change the tone of their voice. Woman continuously went to the Holy Prophet and to the Imams and asked the questions they had. This is clear.

1. Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Kazim Tabatabai Yazdi, "Urwatul Wusqa" Section on Marriage, Chapter One Issue 39.

Adopted from the book : "On the Islamic Hijab" by : "Murtaza Mutahhari"

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