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Healthy Eating Education, Support and Recipes

Healthy Eating Education, Support and Recipes 

What is healthy eating?

Healthy eating is related to understanding the nutritional value of foods. You can’t eat healthy if you don’t educate yourself how to do it. Usually what people want to know is exactly what to eat, they follow the diet and after that they return to their bad eating habits and the result of the diet is zero. Even worse, you experience the yo yo effect.


Eating healthy means to understand what nutritional value foods have and to distinguish "good" from "bad” food.

It is sad that most of the parents don’t know how to eat healthy and grew their kids in fat adults. But you can change this at any time; just decide to educate yourself to healthy eating and nutrition.

If you became fat because you grew in a family where parents didn’t know how to eat healthy.

How to start good eating style change?

Eat simple - Simple means that you know what the meal is prepared from just the moment you see it. For example if you see veal steak and tomatoes salad, you know what it is in the very first moment – meat and salad. But if you see a package of chips or cookies – can you imagine what ingredients they were prepared from? Probably you could match some of the ingredients, but not all of them – this is a sign these foods are not healthy. Eat simple, basic foods and you can’t be wrong.

Don’t mix more than 2 types of food per meal - If you have soup, than main course and dessert, probably you mix indigestible ingredients that your body hardly can absorb and the result is that you stuff yourself with toxins and you over load your digestive system. Of course, after you educate yourself about healthy eating you will know how to prepare healthy soup, main course and dessert which you can consume one after one – the secret is that you cook only good foods and you know how to combine them so your body can digest the food and extract the nutritional values needed to sustain healthy life.

Many small meals - Instead of having only over loading dinner, split the daily amount of food to 4-5-6 portions. For example if you eat for breakfast a cup of milk and eggs, try to have only eggs (which is not healthy, but any way) and after an hour or two drink the milk. Split the food you eat to smaller portions eaten often and you should see healthy benefits only by doing this.

Plan your daily eating - If you know that your day will be very busy, than plan when and what you will eat. Even you have very important (and long) business meeting you can have small quick meals. Just excuse you go to the bathroom and quickly eat the small healthy sandwich you have in your purse/bag. Just be sure to vacuum pack your sandwiches, so your bag will not be mass of food lol. Check home food vacuums at reasonable prices.

Read healthy eating books - from time to time buy a book on cooking healthy. Scan recipes, read articles – you suddenly will discover that when you start to cook you have lots of ideas what to combine, how to cook foods. If you like read the books from cover to cover, but don’t force your self. Read what you like and when you like, no rush.



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