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Healthy Diet Tips - Whole Grains

  • Today there are several varieties of whole-wheat pastas available in the markets. Try substituting whole-wheat pasta the next time you make your favorite pasta dish.
  • Instead of white bread try whole-wheat bread.
  • Brown rice is delicious and good for you, but it generally takes a little longer to cook. Plan on making brown rice instead on white rice the next time you serve rice.
  • Try mixing barley into your next soup instead of noodles.
  • Next time a recipe calls for flower try using whole-wheat flower or oat flower instead of white flower.
  • Whole wheat bread crumbs or cereal can be a simple substitute for breading chicken and fish.
  • Popcorn is a healthy whole-grain snack, but try not to add butter or salt.
  • Look at the ingredients on food labels. Many foods that appear to be whole-grain are in fact not. Foods labeled with the words "multi-grain," "stone-ground," "100% wheat," "cracked wheat," "seven-grain," or "bran" are usually not whole-grain products.
  • Buy products that have at least one of these ingredients listed as one of the first items: "brown rice," "bulgur," "graham flour," "oatmeal," "whole-grain corn," "whole oats," "whole rye," "whole wheat," "wild rice."
  • When shopping for whole-grain breads try to avoid products that have too many added sugars, fats or oils.

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