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Health Benefits of bananas

Bananas cultivation

Bananas is the most popular fruit all over  the world  it occupies the major world trade.

Bananas is tropical plant  that need warm subtropical climate  for cultivation ,it doesn’t  need much effort for cultivation, the most recommended soil for  bananas is the mixture of sand and clay soil.

The top three bananas producing countries  is India ,Philippine and China

Health Benefits of bananas for mind

The banana  activates the mind and memory as it contains phosphorus . This is very useful for those who are making a mental effort  thus students should consume  bananas to improve mental alertness

Also  bananas provide the body with energy because  it contains carbohydrates , fats and protein.

Health Benefits of bananas for anemia

Bananas is a natural remedy for Anemia because it contains iron which helps body  in creating the haemoglobin

Health Benefits of bananas to improve mood

For people who  suffering from depression Bananas improve the human mood because it contain tryptophan (amino acid) which is  converted   to serotonin which helps in  regulating  the mood and has a calming effect on the brain

Health Benefits of bananas for hair

Bananas are useful for hair ,  and help you to get it shiny  , Mash one piece  of banana and rub on your wet hair  and leave it  for 20 minutes and then wash by water and get shiny hair

Health Benefits of bananas for skin

Bananas are natural remedy for  skin, for women who suffering from  dry skin can apply a face mask by  mixing one banana with four  tablespoons of honey and  leave the mixture  for 30 minutes and then wash with water.

Health Benefits of bananas for heartburn

Bananas is  a natural remedy  for heartburn  It  neutralizes over-acidity and reduces inflammation of the lining of the stomach. By mixing  honey , milk and  Bananas you can   reduces the effect of over acidity in your  stomach

Health Benefits of bananas for hypertension

Banana are high in potassium and  low in sodium so it plays a great role in preventing hypertension

Benefits of bananas for constipation

Bananas are natural  remedy for constipation because  it contains high amount of fiber

Give up smoking

Bananas can help you  to give up smoking. because it   contain vitamins B6, B12 ,potassium and magnesium that  help body to get rid of the harmful effects of smoking

Health Benefits of bananas for itching of mosquito

Bananas peels reduce itching of mosquito bites by apply it on the itching area this helps to cure  the itching rapidly

Nutritional value  per 100 g


371 kJ (89 kcal)


22.84 g

- Sugars

12.23 g

Dietary fiber

2.6 g


0.33 g


1.09 g

Vitamin A equiv.

3 ?g (0%)

Thiamine (Vit. B1)

0.031 mg (2%)

Riboflavin (Vit. B2)

0.073 mg (5%)

Niacin (Vit. B3)

0.665 mg (4%)

Pantothenic acid (B5)

0.334 mg (7%)

Vitamin B6

0.367 mg (28%)

Folate (Vit. B9)

20 ?g (5%)

Vitamin C

8.7 mg (15%)


5 mg (1%)


0.26 mg (2%)


27 mg (7%)


22 mg (3%)


358 mg (8%)


0.15 mg (1%)

One banana is 100–150 g.
Percentages are relative to US recommendationsfor adults.
Source: USDA Nutrient database

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