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Falsafa (Islamic Philosophy)

Having studied Mantiq, those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the philosophy of Islam will study Falsafa. This typical starts with Allama Tabatabai's Bidayah al-Hikmah followed by his Nihayah al-Hikmah. The first work is available in English. It first appeared in the Al-Tawhid journals and has since been revised and republished by ICAS.

Instead of the Bidayah (of Tabatabai) some Hawzas prefer to start with Al-Manhaj al-Jadeed of Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi – also available in Farsi under the title Amoozish-e-Falsafa and in English under the title Philosophical Instructions.

For English readers, the two-volume History of Islamic Philosophy edited by S H Nasr and Oliver Leaman is highly recommended.

At the hawzas, a large part of Islamic philosophy deals with theoretical metaphysics and mysticism, the practical aspects of which are covered in 'Irfan (see below).

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