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Happiness and Sleep

Since working is one of the factors of happiness, while on the other hand continuous working and effort makes one tired, we need enough sleep, which is in itself one of the other factors of happiness. The Qur'an says, "And We made your sleep to be rest (to you)" (Naba', 78:9), and "And He it is Who made the night a covering for you, and the sleep a rest, and He made the day to rise up again." (Forgan, 25:47). In some verses of the Qur'an, God refers to night as one of the causes of man's tranquility: "It is He who made for you the night to repose in it, and the day to see" (Yunos, 10:67), and "He causes the dawn to break; and has made the night for a repose, and the sun and the moon for a reckoning" (An'am, 6:96) (cited in Pasandideh, 2007, p. 179-180).

Adapted from the book: "Foundations of Happiness"

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