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Hajj; The Spiritual Aspect of Hajj - part 2

Beware! the Hajj traverse is not an ordinary trip for trade and worldly purposes: it is a traverse towards Allah. You are departing for the House of God. All you do must be done divinely. Your traverse, from the point it starts, is a departure towards God (VAFD ELALLAH). Just as our saints traversed towards Allah, throughout their lives, and deviated no single step from that which was drawn up as the program for conjunction to Allah, you too, are now in the state of "VOFOUD ILALLAH". The Place where you go, at "MIQAT", you say (LABBEYK) to Allah that means:

"We are responding to Your invitation". Beware, lest you do something to which, Allah says: "no, I do not accept you because you do not behave the Islamic way." Beware, lest you turn this journey into a trade journey; all of you, whether clergymen caravan heads or ordinary Hajjis; it is a journey towards Allah and not towards the world. Do not besmear it with worldly matters.

Amongst the most important conditions of all devotional practices is sincerity in actions. Because if, God forbid, one does something for gaudiness and parade and tries to show to others the grace of his deeds, his actions will be marred. The honorable Hajjis must be circumspect not to seek non-God's gratification in their deeds. Spiritual aspects of Hajj are many and it is important that the Hajji discerns where he is going and whose invitation is he responding to, whose guest is he becoming and what the ordinance of this feast is. He should further understand that every sign of egotism contradicts devoutness and is in opposition to departure towards Allah and will blemish the spirituality of Hajj. But if this gnostic and spiritual aim is attained and the "LABBEYK" be in real conformity with the invitation of Almighty God, man will be triumphant in all political, social, cultural and even military arenas. For such a person, there will be no defeat. May God Almighty bless us all with a slight share of such a spiritual traverse and heavenly departure.

Those who journey to Hajj must circumspect not to blemish their Hajj by perpetrating a sinful act. All they do must be Islamic and devotional.

Processions must be devotional and unadulterated; slogans must be devotional and unadulterated; in a way that it be for the cause of God: not just be done arbitrarily, or one insults another at pleasure.

Such  issues  must be  properly  programmed  in advance and they must also be carefully taken care of.

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