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Hadith Da'wat 'Ashirah

The Prophet invited his relatives to luncheon and after the meal told them, "I know of no one who has brought to his people better things than I have brought to You. God has commanded me to invite you to draw toward Him. Who is there who will assist me in this matter and be my brother and inheritor (wasi) and vicegerent (khalifah) among you?" All remained silent, but 'All, who was the youngest of all, exclaimed, "I shall be your deputy and aide." Then the Prophet put his arms around him and said, "He is my brother, inheritor and vicegerent. You must obey him." Then the group began to depart laughing and telling Abu-Talib, "Muhammad has ordered you to obey your son." 1

Hudhayfah has said, "The Prophet of God said, 'If you make 'Ali my vicegerent and successor—which I do not think you will do—you will find him a perspicacious guide who will direct you toward the straight path!'" 2

Ibn Mardawayh has said that the Prophet, said, "Whoever wishes that his life and death be like mine and that he enter paradise should after me love 'Ali and follow my household, for they are my descendants and have been created from my clay. My knowledge and understanding have been bestowed upon them. Therefore, woe unto those who deny their virtues. My intercession [on the Day of Judgement] will never include them." 3
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Adapted from: "Shi'ah" by: "Allamah Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabataba'i"

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