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Guardian of Children

Adapted from: "Making an Islamic Will" by: "Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi"

In this part of the world, it is very important to write in your will about the guardian and custodian of your children. Under normal circumstances, the surviving spouse is made the guardian, and this is indeed the best decision.

Here, for the sake of record, I would like to mention the conditions which must be found in the guardian of your children. The guardian must be a Muslim, sane, and trustworthy. Those who have the right of custody of children (in order of preference) are: father, mother; paternal grandfather; and then anyone specifically appointed as the guardian of the children.

However, the duty of maintenance for the children falls upon the following (in order of preference): father; paternal grandfather; mother; other grandparents collectively.

The last person in this list can be from outside the family, but one must be very careful in selecting such a person. The most important condition is that he/she besides being trustworthy must also be a Muslim who will raise the children according to the teachings of Islam.


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