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Growing Spinach

Spinach is a fairly easy vegetable to grow, however you need a rich soil that contains a lot of organic matter. This vegetable grows better is cool weather, so if you plan to grow during the summer months plant it between taller growing vegetables so it will get some shade.

Botanical Family - Chenopodiaceac/Goose foot

Companion Planting
Positive: cabbage, celery, eggplant, onion, pea, strawberry
Negative: none

Location - Northern exposure and low temperatures.

Soil - Need soil with an abundance of nitrogen with pH 6.2-6.9.

Soil Preparation - Dig in 3” to 6” of compost or aged manure.

Seed Info -
Seed Spacing - 6 “ apart
Germinate in soil temperature of 5 – 20 C
Days to Maturity - 40 – 60 days

Planting Times - Sow indoors early April to mid July; transplant at 4 weeks. Succession plant every 2 weeks. Can direct seed but will need to be thinned to every 6”.

Planting Instruction - Provide some shade during the summer months. Remay will work well.

Watering - Regular watering by thoroughly soaking plants late in the day; water more often during the hottest part of summer.

Weeding - Keep weeded.

Disease & Insects -

Harvest - Harvest outer leaves before sun hits them or spray them before cutting. Cut individual leaves with a scissors or sharp knife. If the center of the plant is left the plant will grow back and can be cut again. Cut the whole plant at the 2nd or 3rd cutting if the weather is warm. Plant goes to seed if the weather is hot.

Storage - Place moist leaves in plastic bags then place in refrigerator and they will keep up to a week.

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