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Growing Radishes

Radishes are the fastest growing vegetable in the garden. They are direct seeded and germinate very quickly. You will need to thin so plants are 1 inch apart. They mature in approximately 30 days and do not last long once they mature so harvest them quickly. Succession planting every few weeks lets you harvest all season. This plant will do well in a container, just make sure they are watered well, do not let them dry out. //

Botanical Family - Brassicaeae/Mustard Family

Companion Planting
Positive: bean cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, lettuce, pea
Negative: squash, tomato

Location - Temperate, fairly open.

Soil - Light, sandy loam, one that drains rapidly. Will do well in any reasonable garden soil.

Soil Preparation - Rake in about 1” of compost or aged manure before planting.

Seed Info
Seed Spacing - 2” apart 3/4” deep
Germinate in cool soil
Days to Maturity - 25-60 days

Planting Times - Direct seed starting late April. Succession plant every week until early summer.

Planting Instruction - Form a shallow trench with a hoe; drop in seeds (2 seeds every 2”) then cover and firm soil down. Water well. Thin to every 2 inches. Need to grow quickly; need lots of water.

Watering - This vegetable needs a great quantity of water. They will become bitter or hot tasting if they do not get enough water.

Weeding - Keep weeded.

Disease & Insects - Root maggots – caused by unhealthy soil that has the wrong fertilizer.

Harvest - Pull the whole plant when they are ½” or more in diameter.

Storage - Store in refrigerator for up to a week.

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